Blessed Empire

Basilica of the Portal (II)

27 January 2012

We find 480 gold pieces worth of cash loot and a few magic items in the antechamber that we do not have time to investigate.

We set up outside the door to the Circle Chamber, and lift the bar on the door, but cannot push it open. There is a large creature in the doorway, and the space beyond it is like peering into deep water. Bonkk pushes the creature back, but it absorbs a lot of punishment in our opening flurry and is unbloodied. As we concentrate our efforts on it, a translucent image of a throne appears near it but not on the floor.

There is an Elemental Evil Mudborn (which Kleft recognizes), more Vine Horrors, some puffy zombie things, more fish-men, and a hovering dmonic manta-shaped thing. There are auras affecting us, and the manta thing uses Thunderwave. At least some of the zombies are minions.

The space near the circle’s center is obscured, and the things in there are not quite in our location; they will, however, get activated if we attack anything in the intersticial space or move into that area. We concentrate our efforts into the surrounding forces, carefully avoiding activating the occupants hodling the circle itself. It’s a fight, but we succeed without too much difficulty. We find that the apparition of the throne is the manifestation out of a card from the Deck of Many Things that must be nearby; it has a power where when one is in it, one can cause a couple of enemies to be marked by some ally of yours.

The Champions enter briefly to confer with us, and we have another breather as we size up the things occupying the circle and its Portal Stones. This is a milestone, but zones and stances expire in the short rest.

We find the magic items include three Surprise Bullets (which Mik gets), and Opal Carp (a swimming mount, but it isn’t strong enough to carry Kriv), and a Jar of Steam which is handed to Bonkk because he doesn’t use minor actions (and the Jar takes them).

Cleansing one portal stone takes three successes at the ritual, and failures will boost the enemies. Random events will happen when we enter the zone in & around the Circle. The Vine Horrors are camped on the portal stones themselves and will not willingly move off them. Things with a swim speed can fly in this space that is corrupted by the Abyss; there are also reefs of sharp coral and clumps of grabbing kelp.

We set up to attack, and the session time expires.



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