Blessed Empire

Inaugural session: 27 May 2011

We are on the western frontier of the Empire, in the fortified frontier city of Brsic, site of the only bridge over the River Prut.

It is the summer solstice. As action begins, we are about 10 miles out of town at a solsticial festival. We open in the festival bazaar, mingling in the crowds, engaging in competitions. As a group we do fairly well. Mik wins a laurel crown in a general strong man competition. Kriv wins a combat contest.

There is revelry, and most of the participants go home. We are left with a couple dozen others on the site, along with the died-down central bonfire and an alchemist’s wagon. Most of us are surprised when wolf-riding goblins and orcs enter from the north, but not Cruhorn and Listar, who drop some bursts on them as they try to enter and break up their assault. The raiders kill one of the drunks, but following the initial bombs dropped by Seeker & Sorceror we obliterate the rest of the invaders without much trouble. We now have to herd the civilians out of trouble and into safety. The problem is that it’s ten miles to Brsic, through area that seems likely to hold more attacking raiders. And if we want to somewhere else, it’s more like five days to Peskn, the next nearest fortified town to the east; the coast is a fortnight away to the north.

On one of the raiders was a set of Sylvan Armor, which goes to Mik. A Hunter’s Flint becomes party treasure, carried by Kleft.



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