Blessed Empire

Session 2: 3 June 2011

We have our 24 civilians whom we have to see to safety. Another group of invaders sweeps in from the west as we are getting organized. This force includes a Curse Skewer. They kill one civilian but we have relatively little trouble wiping them out. From the magic-user we get a + 1 1Robe of Contingency (which goes to Listar) and a + 1 Staff of Ruin (which goes to Kleft), and about 220 gp in loot the goblins obviously stole on their way in. The Hunter’s Flint goes into Bonkk’s custody.

It is clear that we are now being pursued by a force of unknown size north of us. We decide to try evading them and driving our civilians — and the ox-drawn alchemist’s wagon — hard for Brsic. We lose one refugee in this process, but pick up two other strays. Cajoling the noncombatants forward, finding an easy trail through the forest, and clearing the rough spots in it when we come upon them, we get within sight, if not hail, of the city walls. But: the enemy is already there, and there is a thin besieging force between us and entry. The enemy is not far behind us, and there are more forces to the west as part of the ring around the city. And there is the minor issue that the city defenses will need to be convinced we are friendlies, not invaders, before we can enter.

Driving our civilians forward, we move ahead to engage. There is a bat-handler whom Listar bombs and halves his quartet of attack bats. There is a double-armed cook with unspeakable filth on his weapons.

We chew through this initial cordon force in a confused, scattered fight, getting several civilians wounded but loaded onto the wagon. We kill the cook before he can put his toxic steel into anyone. The civilians move ahead during this fight, multiplying the confusion, but about the time we finish off the original cordon, the enemy’s reinforcements pile in from the force to the west.

Kleft goes to a creek/ditch dividing the battlefield whihc represents the limits of the walls’ firepower and shouting distance. He hails the defenders on the walls; they recognize him and now we will not have to experience “friendly fire” on the way to the wall.

It is getting late (real-world wall clock time) but we do have a battle line established behind which civilians can run for safety. We can also get our own forces concentrated and meet the new invaders together rather than in scattered packets of violence. Our GM rules that we can handle the situation as midnight comes and we make it into the city without any more dead, and with some loot: 420 gp in coin, a Frostwolf Pelt (my notes don’t indicate who got that), and a Helm of Opportunity (which goes to Bonkk2. We are able to take our first extended rest inside the walls of Brsic.

1 If you use a plus sign at the start of a word in this text body, then the OP formatting underlines everything until the next plus sign and neither gets printed, it seems3. You can get a plus sign to appear only if it is in a word by itself, or embedded within a word. This is irritating because the very common D&D construction of a plus sign followed by a number needs to have an extraneous space between plus and number in order to appear anything like what you want (e.g., that + 1 Staff of Ruin that Kleft got). This seems to be a limit of Textile formatting, and Textile seems to have something of a bizarre history.

2 If he has the benefit of Kriv’s class bonus, then on opportunity attacks Bonkk at level 1 with the Helm, his Fighter Combat Superiority feature, and the Ardent bonus, will be + 13 to hit with the greatspear, and doing 1d10+6 damage. Of course, there haven’t been any such opportunity attacks yet, and that damage is still less than the Sorcerors’ basic ranged attacks.

3 Leading with an asterisk has the same kind of effect but puts the enclosed text into boldface. This is less of an inconvenience than the plus-sign thing.4

4 Yeesh, that’s 45 minutes of futzing with a limited formatting utility flushed down the toilet.



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