Blessed Empire

Session 3: 17 June 2011

We add another party member, Heskan Patrin Longtooth, a Dragonborn Star Pact Warlock. We now have two leaders, one controller, one defender, and seventy million bazillion strikers. That’s probably too many defenders, but gotta let people do what they want.

We have a couple of days in Brsic. It is apparent that this is a truly massive assault. Mostly goblinoids, but there are also some flyers: griffins, manticores, air cavalry sort of things rather than large-scale dragons (at least that we have seen). The news is that it’s bad all over, and the entire frontier is under assault. The Empire hasn’t seen one of these in a long time. There is a rumor that the teleport circle in town has been corrupted. As far as is known, the Feyroads work, but there is an enemy army between the walls and the Feyroad terminus at the moment.

We elect to partition the cash loot we’ve collected so far into individual parcels, so that’s 80 gp in each party member’s pocket. Cruhorn buys another gun or two. In retrospect, the rest of us should have loaded up on other gear, like potions and ranged weapons for those without viable long-range attacks.

The official word is that the town’s food stocks can hold out for a year, but folks with sense can tell that the supplies really can hold out only a few months. The battle is likely to be long over before then. Other non-food supplies like bandages, arrows, spare weapons, etc., are in better shape, this being the major Imperial depot on this frontier. About half a legion is here, with an intact command structure. Our Dragonborn sergeant has his unit fleshed out with Level 2 rabble.

We spend a couple of turns on the walls, and while a few shots are taken, there isn’t any hot action. It is apparent that the encircling forces on this side of the river are not preparing for any major assault; they are just keeping the perimeter closed.

We are summoned to the general and given a secret mission. The oracles have not been good. The enemy seems likely to take the western bastion, which is a major fort on the other side of the river, linked to the city by a multi-arch bridge. The bridge is 300 yards long, and it can be reached with flyers and boats by the enemy. We must set charges in two of the pillars of the bridge so it can be demolished. Three such teams are being sent, of which we are one. We are given the charges and instructions on how to emplace and arm them. It will be a bit of a trick to get them properly placed, but we can do it. We will have to go out in boats, and there is a substantial current here a couple of days after the solstice. Boat crews are available to flesh out our operation.

The enemy clearly are preparing a boat attack, which could go as early as tonight, from the reports from the west bank.

We have a long wrangle and decide to go split the party into two boats and try to place the charges in parallel.

On approach, there are enemy swimmers at the bridge piers, and something else also out between them in the water. Boat 1, commanded by Kriv and taking the eastern of the two pillars assigned to us, hooks onto that pier. The swimmers there opposing us are Bullywugs. Probably more of the same at the western pillar, for which Boat A (under Sasha’s command) is making.

The free-swimming enemy, when we can finally make it out, is a black wyrmling and a couple of water elementals. These attack Sasha’s boat. Under concentrated attack, the wyrmling is killed, but their elementals sweep Cruhorn and Kleft overboard with a wave blast. Lots of minions are lost. Boats with goblins are seen to be pulling for us from the opposite shore.

The Boat 1 crew dispatches their lot of Bullywugs and Mik plants the charge on the eastern pier. They start making for the other pier, in support of Sasha’s boat. Sasha’s artillery spotting has been flawless, as the first goblin boat is sunk and its payload of minions are scrambling around the far side of the west pier to get into action. Cruhorn and Heskan and Listar take care of that first goblin boat’s leadership.

By this time the minions/oarsmen on both of our boats have been decimated. Kleft and Bonkk get to the pier and to the point where they can climb to set the charge after despatching a Bullywug or two, but both PCs have been chewed up. We exhaust our party healing, but Bonkk is in the Bullywug Mud Lord’s face, so that artillery is neutralized. Listar bombs a second goblin boat and wipes out an entire dozen minions. Its two non-minions have yet to be attacked, but their boat has no motile power and they will drift downstream.

There are two off-map distractions. The western bastion is falling. And the command tower in the city bursts in flame.

2350 PDT: we suspend action for the night, with the encounter still running, though its flavor is about to shift.



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