Blessed Empire

Session 4: 24 June 2011

The Fall of Brsic

“… The bastion is toast,” the GM said casually before he sat down, settling some confusion among the players about the state of things at the end of last session. It is now a few days after the summer solstice.

The headquarters tower in town burst into flame all along its height. It is not falling down, but it is on fire.

When we resume, Kriv is unconcious and Sasha has taken command of both boats. She orders Kriv’s boat, the smaller, to be evacuated into hers, leaving only two oarsmen to keep it in place astern of hers. The mayhem continues much as last time. Bonkk’s first opportunity attack of the campaign kills a Curse Skewer. Minion goblins make it around the north end of the pier and start piling into Lann, though the bursts and zones laid down by Cruhorn and Listar keep them under control. More goblin boats come on either side of the bridge; these also are dealt with by our area attacks and Sasha’s calling in of cannon fire from the east shore.

The goblins bring in a giant archerfish and a handful of vicious trained vultures. There are also some light missile troops mounted on hippogriffs in the air above the bridge; we & they cannot target each other while we are under the span. The archerfish is missile troops, and the goblins on the boats launch volleys of javelins at us. We take damage and lose more oarsmen. Of course, the goblins take casualties as well.

There is a rush of friendlies retreating from the fallen bastion. The bastion commander throws down a cloth-wrapped parcel telling us to make sure it doesn’t fall into enemy hands, and to hold off the enemy down here for three turns and then blow the bridge. He is killed cinematically right after he passes this on.

Kleft is minionized, and Mik scales the ladder and places the charge successfully. That is a significant achievement and triggers a recovery: everyone gets the option to spend a surge or regain an encounter power. At least one PC is out of surges after this. We pull the last two oarsmen off the smaller boat, cast it free, and pull for open water on the downstream side of the bridge. We take more damage, but we get clear and set off the charges. There are big things on the bridge — elephants, giants, ogres — when the charge blows and they are cast into the river. We make our escape and get a short rest.

When we get back to the town, there is confusion. People are evacuating the city. We get a berth at the dock and get to a cohort commander at dockside. We are told to flesh out our boat, carry a bunch of magic items … which he implicitly tells us are ours to use … and 20,000 gp if residuum … and the Severed Arm, which is what’s in the parcel thrown to us by the bastion commander … and tells us to get it to the capital. We also get 4 healing potions and mundane equipment as exists near the docks.

The cohort commander tells us, “They came through the teleport circle, and they were too many. Especially the big one, a Balor.” Demons came through the ’port circles. The commander keeps looking back at the tower as if he expects the demons who came in to break holes through the walls at any moment and start sacking the town.

We draw a team of legionnaires and auxiliaries as the backup grunts on the boat. There is discussion about which way to go, but ultimately we decided to head upriver — south. There is a skill challenge to get clear of the falling town. Most of the other boats leaving town are used for only short distances, as people just get past the encircling cordon to flee wherever they will. We stick to the river for rather longer than that. We are not targeted in particular and if there was anyone pursuing us in particular we don’t know it, and there is no sign of pursuit after the challenge. We get an extended rest.

We start discussing division of the magic items. We are now level 3 (!!). We will be on the run now through wild lands, fleeing east and south to the capital.


Can I bring the cannon and firs pots with me into the wilderness…. Please.

Session 4: 24 June 2011

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