Blessed Empire

Session 5: Riverbank Kruthiks

The GM handed out Misfortune Cards at the top of the session. Whooppee.

We are on the Krut River south (upstream) of Brsic, with a crew of 16 minions, and the Hand of Vecna. We use some foragers to ttry to stretch our rations, with mixed success. Our likely progress upstream on the river this time of year is about 15 miles a day. Our load of Residuum is in the Bag of Holding, carried by the Kleft. Kriv the Ardent is carrying the evil Hand.

Cruhorn spots several of the goblins’ attack buzzards, off at a distance: they seem to be on spotter duty. The birds are based on both banks of the river, it seems, but north of us.

A couple of days pass uneventfully without our being spotted (as far as we can tell), but there is a small campfire ahead very close to the riverbank. We elect to send a scout part of four: Mik, Lann, Cruhorn, and Kleft. They find a Halfling riverboat, whose crew responds with alarm when Kleft goes forward and hails them.

Kleft passes on the news of the fall of Brsic. The Halflings aren’t hostile, but they are very suspicious, and dubious about our story of an invasion. They want us (as part of our general duties as Imperial legionnaires and auxiliaries) to take out some Kruthiks which are nesting close to the river a couple of miles upsteram and preying on things in the river and on both banks. There are about a dozen of them, perhaps. We do well on Nature rolls so we have a good handle on what we are up against.

We decide to try getting past them in our boat on the river then attcking from the southeast, with the idea that the smell of dead kruthiks will drive others to the northwest, into the Chaos Lands from which the invasion is coming. This approach doesn’t work: several are on a bluff on the West Bank, see us, and the hive pile into the water to attack. We try making for the east bank but get hung up on rocks somewhat short of the bank: the boat is not holed but it is damaged, and it is immobilized for the fight.

The kruthiks approach in two waves, with the Hive Lord (who is an L6 Elite Controller) in the second wave. Fighting them is annoying because they have auras, and there are a couple of swarms which take half damage from regular weapon attacks. We do dispatch them eventually (which Kleft rolling a critical hit on his L1 Daily power, and getting the most beneficial random secondary effect from it as well) and plunder their nest, finding 800 gp, a Belt of Sacrifice (which goes to Kriv), and a + 2 Amulet of Resolution, which goes to Bonkk. We also win the friendship of the Halflings, and Captain Jaromir and his crew repair our boat. We take an extended rest.



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