Campaign Houserules

I will attempt to keep houserules to a minimum, using standard 4e rules as errated by WotC. All houserules are ‘experimental’ and can be changed during the campaign.

Character Creation
*Minion Boosts *
Minions are not all one-hit: some minions will take two or three hits to kill (though a critical hit will always kill a minion). These will be uncommon.

Player-Led Minions

During several adventures, the PCs may have access to minions under their control. If they wish, they can keep the same individuals under their control and try to keep them alive.

After each encounter, the players may roll to see if any allied minion who was ‘killed’ during the previous fight can be restored to health (with the understanding that putting a minion out of the fight does not necessarily mean it is dead, but that it may be knocked unconscious, severely wounded, or even just lose its nerve). Each minion gets one saving throw to return to service, succeeding on a 10 or better as usual.

Player characters who wish to assist with this save can do so, by foregoing some of the benefits of a short rest (since they are spending time and energy administering first aid, fetching food & water, restoring morale, and so forth).
•One encounter power of any kind does not recharge
•The character cannot automatically spend healing surges to heal themselves; healing triggered by someone or something else can be applied normally (for example, a character could spend a healing surge if their warlord ally uses Inspiring Word on them)
•At the end of the rest, their action point total resets to zero (instead of one)

By sacrificing one of these benefits, a player character can make a skill roll to give a +2 bonus to the minon’s saving throw (applied before or after the roll). A Heal check can provide this benefit to a number of minions equal to half the skill roll; Diplomacy, Inimidate, Religion, and other skills can be used, depending on the circumstances (i.e., with GM approval), and can assist one minion per 5 points of the skill roll. A minion can only recieve one +2 bonus per encounter.

Minions who survive one or more encounters under the players’ control will gain levels at the same rate as the players (but they will remain minions).

*Mounted Combat *
The Mounted Combat feat allows you to use Mount powers of creatures up to 5 levels above your own.
Guns are available!

Magic Items
Magic items:
Feel free to create a wish list.

Not a houserule, exactly, but a very good guide to Stealth and its uses: Rules of Hidden Club.
—reproduced here for convenience: Hidden Club

Campaign Houserules

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