Blessed Empire

Defense of the Tower

4 and 11 January 2013

Two sessions are condensed here into one brief report.

Still in the highway tower between the capital and Evik, the party is assaulted by a mounted party of Orcs (two on hippogriffs, the rest on horses). We open up on them at range (Cruhorn scores three critical hits in the session, and in general the party has hot dice), blow away an Eye of Grummsh before he can get a shot off, and shred them in general. They bash open the fort’s wobbly main gate, but that merely releases Lann to wipe out one mounted Orc as the most of the party hails down fire from above. A couple of our party are bloodied, but the issue is never in any doubt. One of their archers escapes, but the rest are dropped on the field. We scavenge their mounts, which are Imperial mounts which these Orcs had taken as booty. They expected the fort to be held still by their confederates, and were surprised to encounter us. We collect their mounts and make use of them for our own mobility, with Cruhorn and Mik being put on the flyers.

We learn that our main army, led by the Hyperstrategos, was encountered by another enemy invading army and was shattered. From the top of the tower we can see two groups that make up the enemy force: the nearer group has a bunch of prisoners in it and some swag, while the further group is larger. Both are only a few scant miles away.

We elect to set up an ambush in the nearer group’s path, and in a minor skill challenge succeed in setting up a viable ambush.

In the second session we play out that ambush. Again we win, though our erstwhile leader Kleft (Kriv is not present and is presumably riding messages in hopes of getting further orders) gets put down by getting caught between archers and a Dire Wolf mount, and having fire concentrated on him. A few more surges of ours are expended, though not many more dailies, and again we try setting up an ambush for the third body. This one is expected to be much larger, so our goal presumably is to hit hard, demoralize, and escape. We are too few to hold the tower (especially with its broken main gate) and we are under orders to get to Evik and do what we can to effect a relief of the besieged great city.



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