Foreign Lands

The Blessed Empire is by far the largest and most organized realm in its region; around it are a number of smaller states, lands of nomadic tribes, and unsettled wilderness.

To the southeast lies the fragmented remnants of Arkhosia, which long ago dominated the region but is now much diminished. The dragonborn squabble amongst themselves, revisiting ancient rivalries and haunted dreams of their glorious past.

To the west lie the so-called Chaos Lands, which consist of an ever-shifting ployglot of petty kingdoms and principalities.

To the southwest lie the haunted and bedeviled lands which were once the heart of the empire of Bael Turath, the mighty rival to Arkhosia in ancient times which collapsed both from the assualt of dragonborn armies and from within as its elite made deal with devils to gain power.

Foreign Lands

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