The current emperor, Ignatius, was proclaimed Emperor four years ago. The seventh in the Eliostasios dynasty, which has ruled for 43 years.

Imperial Dynasties at Vostir
The current Imperial calendar is numbered from the year the Imperial Court and Capital was officially moved to Vostir, almost 200 years ago.

Year Proclaimed Name Dynasty Notes
Vostir -5 Igantius Photophorias moved capital to Vostir in the ‘Equinoctal Procession
Vostir 12 Nikolaos Photophorias
Vostir 20 Demetrios Photophorias
Vostir 28 Gerontius Photophorias ‘the Old’ proclaimed at age 55
Vostir 59 Eligius Photophorias sickly, died under stress after coronation ceremony
Vostir 59 Lazar Pozharsk ‘the Usurper’; the ‘Voscom Restoration’
Vostir 59 Varvara Evikite ‘the Great’
Vostir 86 Kyril Evikite
Vostir 103 Tatiana Evikite
Vostir 113 Faustina Evikite
Vostir 116 Ignatius Evikite
Vostir 122 Maximus Evikite
Vostir 124 Cosmas Doukas
Vostir 126 Maximus Doukas
Vostir 128 Andronikos Doukas
Vostir 129 Gratian Eliostasios
Vostir 131 Kyril Eliostasios
Vostir 136 Nikephoros Eliostasios
Vostir 172 Zosimas Eliostasios
Vostir 178 Tatiana Eliostasios
Vostir 191 Eulogios Eliostasios
Vostir 191 Ignatius Eliostasios

The change of government from Evik to Voscom was a violent change, the result of civil war; on the other hand, the move from Voscom to Vostir was peaceful, the result of imperial preference. Vostir had, because of climate and access to the sea, been the winter court since the early days of the empire, even when Evik was still the capital

This was the “Procession of the Equinox” – the Imperial Court traveled through the realm in style, a huge migration of nobility, officials, guards, priests, and troops, an entire army in formal procession for over a thousand miles. While the procession as a whole took two years (and the transition of all the offices and personnel was not completed for several years, and there remains some that are technically supposed to make the move, but have not yet, almost 200 years later), the actual Court held its last assembly in Voscom at the Spring Equinox, and opened its first official meeting in Vostir exactly one year later.

Over the years, many among the nobility of Voscom seethed with resentment at the loss of the Court to the small, distant city. There were several revolts and episodes of unrest, which kept the emperors busy suppressing the northern marches; generally, the Imperial Legions proved loyal and steadfast in their duties, and the forces raised by Voscom malcontents proved inferior. Fortunes shifted, however, when Lazar, who could trace his bloodline back to the previous dynasty, proved a brilliant leader, good enough to defeat the main body of the Legionary army and storm Vostir in a rush, before enough forces could be recalled from the frontier to save the city. He had enough skill and charisma – and enough troops – to persuade the councils to proclaim him Emperor; Eligius, the only surviving son of the previous Emperor, died of exhaustion soon after the lengthy coronation ceremony (he had been sickly from birth), and no other suitable relatives of Gerontius existed, so a rare opening was available.
Lazar’s reign lasted less than a year; he immediately uprooted the Court and was marching it back to Voscom, when Princess Varvara of Evik ambushed the hastily-organized column. Distracted and exhausted from shepherding the contentious bureaucrats, Lazar was caught flat-footed barely a hundred miles from his goal and destroyed. Varvara was proclaimed Empress on the spot by enthusiastic supporters, but, as a true Evikite, she refused the title until a proper council could be called in the established capital of Vostir. Varvara went on to prove a masterful administrator and diplomat; she reconciled the remaining Voscom nobility, and her rule is considered a golden age. She was officially awarded the honorific ‘the Great’ (one of only three rulers to legally bear that title) on the 20th anniversary of her reign, and the empire prospered under her dynasty (which produced two other highly respected and capable empresses) for most of a century.


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