In addition to the Imperial Legions, the empire has a number of auxiliary troops which comprise the Imperial Militia. Militia units vary greatly in numbers, quality, training and equipment. They are generally not as well-rounded as legionnaires, instead specializing according to local conditions and traditions: thus, the southern plains provide large numbers of horse cavalry, but few heavy infantry; the northern marches make good infantry, but are less effective as cavalry. Some ‘local’ troops draw based on race or guild; the Riverines, for example, include a large number of Halflings, drawn from the settlements and banks of the great rivers. Nominally, a typical Militia unit is identical to a Company in an Imperial Legion and like the legions, these vary wildly depending on combat readiness and actual purpose.

In practice, the squads in militia units are often oversized, as many as thirty men per sergeant. This occasionally leads to oversized centuries of ninety or even one hundred and twenty men with three to four sergeants reporting to the commanding centurion. Militia units can be entirely cavalry, entirely light infantry or a mix of both; mixed units often are a company of infantry and four oversized squads of cavalry arranged as a wing.

Riverine Companies
The Riverine Companies patrol the rivers and lakes, and are sometimes called upon during operations on ocean beaches or other shallow water. Roughly a third of the Riverines are commanded by halfling officers – far out of proportion to the general population – because of the experience, culture, and social connections halflings have along the river systems; about one fifth of the troops in the Riverines are halflings.
The number of officially recognized Riverine Companies is close to a hundred, though half of them are in reality just a sheriff and his band, patrolling a few miles of river. The more acive companies number up to three hundred, with dozens of boats each.
While all Riverine Companies focus on traveling the waterways, many are also proficient at traveling on ice – a good thing, as many of the rivers and lakes in the northern half of the Empire are frozen over for months at a time. In the northern reaches, some Riverines are almost entirely dedicated to working on ice and snow, as the thaw only reaches them for 4-5 months each years.

The battalions sponsored by the various temples provide highly dedicated, even fanatical, troops to the Empire. These units tend to be specialized according to the realms of influence of their gods: for example, the Sehanine battalions are unparalleled in night and stealth operations, while the battalions devoted to Erathis have a gift for field construction and logistics organization. These skills are often employed by the Imperial Army as specialist work, rather than fielding the regiment as a single combat unit.

Evik Royal Legions
The Kingdom of Evik maintains a standing army of five Royal Legions, each of which is fully equivalent to an Imperial Legion, right down to the roster, equipment, and mode of operation. These Legions are often mistakenly called ‘Imperial’ by commoners and those not native to Evik, though they technically remain “Militia” in the Imperial Army. In addition, the kingdom has a number of less regular units, most notably the bands which operate in the wood- and wet-lands which make up a large portion of the realm.


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